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How to reach Ayodhya Ram Mandir in 2024?

How to reach Ayodhya Ram Mandir in 2024?

Ayodhya, nestled on the banks of the holy Sarayu River in Uttar Pradesh, India, is a city steeped in ancient history and religious significance. Revered as the birthplace of Lord Rama, the protagonist of the epic Ramayana, Ayodhya pulsates with the spiritual energy of millions of devotees who visit every year.

Religious Significance:

  • For Hindus, Ayodhya is one of the seven holiest cities, holding immense spiritual value.
  • The epic Ramayana depicts Ayodhya as the prosperous kingdom of Kosala, ruled by Rama’s father, King Dasharatha.
  • The city is believed to be the birthplace of Rama, and the site known as Ram Janmabhoomi is considered hallowed ground.

In this Ayodhya guide you will learn:

How will the temple be visited?
How to reach Ayodhya…?
Where can we stay?
Major Sightseeing in Ayodhya
These 4 arrows near Ayodhya also
Major festivals in Ayodhya
10 tips that will help
Ramlala’s life has been consecrated in Ayodhya on 22 January 2024. If you are also planning to go to Ayodhya, then you will get complete information in this Ayodhya e-guide of Dainik Bhaskar. All that information is compiled in this Steps have been taken which will prove helpful from reaching Ayodhya to roaming around the city.

When does Ram Mandir open?
Morning- 6.30 am to 12.00 noon
Afternoon- 2.30 pm to 10.00 pm (change in timings possible)

How to have darshan in the temple?

Door of the temple from the main entrance of Ram Mandir complex b 200 meter. There will also be wheelchair facility for the elderly and disabled to reach the temple from here. In the temple, you will get entry to Ram temple by climbing 32 stairs through Singh Gate. After this, you can cross the five pavilions and have darshan of Ramlala in the sanctum sanctorum from a distance of 30 feet.

What is the time of Ramlala Aarti?

Mangala Aarti- 4.30 am
Shringaar Aarti- 6.30 to 7.00 am
Bhog Aarti- 11.30 am
Midday Aarti – 2.30 pm
Evening Aarti- 6.30 pm
Shayan Aarti- 8.30 to 9.00 pm

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tir Kth Kshetra Trust has not yet announced any arrangements for VIP darshan of Ram Lalla and Mangala and Shringar Aarti. Devotees will be able to participate in Shringar, Bhog and evening Aarti.God will rest for two and a half hours a day (from 12 noon to 2:30 pm). During this period the doors of the sanctum sanctorum will remain closed.

Online arrangement
Registration for online pass can be done by visiting https://, although this system is currently in plac Has not been activated. The system is likely to become normal from January 27. Only after this you will be able to do online booking. What is the arrangement for VIP darshan? There is no official arrangement, ticket or VIP darshan in the temple. There is no fee. Arrangements are being finalized now.

What Prasad will be available in the temple?

Prasad of ‘cardamom seeds’ will be given to the devotees in the Ram temple. It is made by mixing sugar and cardamom. Devotees in the temple premises itself There is provision for free prasad.

Where will you get Prasad?

A machine has been installed to distribute Prasad to all the devotees. These machines are installed on the return path of visitors to the complex. At present there is no arrangement for offering Prasad with fees in the temple.

Can I take Prasad to offer?

Devotees can also offer vegetarian and pure sweets and dry fruits etc. with special permission. Due to security reasons, devotees will not be able to take coconut, flower garland, makeup or any other thing to offer to God in the temple of Ramlala.

Flight Timings from various cities to Ayodhya airport

शहर एयर लाइंस फ्लाइट का समय अयाेध्या पहुंचेगी
दिल्ली इंडिगो (नियमित) दिन में 11.55 दोपहर 1.15 पर
दिल्ली एअर इंडिया एक्स. सुबह 10 बजे सुबह 11.20
मुंबई इंडिगो दोपहर 12.30 बजे दाेपहर 2.45 बजे
अहमदाबाद इंडिगो सुबह 9.10 बजे सुबह 11 बजे
चेन्नई स्पाइस जेट 1 फरवरी से दोपहर 12.40 बजे दोपहर 3.15 बजे
बेंगलुरू एअर इंडिया एक्सप्रेस सुबह 7.30 बजे (बुध), सुबह 10 बजे, सुबह 8.05 (सोम, गुरु) सुबह 10.35 बजे
कोलकाता एअर इंडिया एक्सप्रेस दोपहर 12.45 बजे (बुध), दोपहर 2.30 बजे, 1.25 बजे (सोम और गुरु) दोपहर 3.10बजे

From February Likely Flights

शहर एयर लाइंस फ्लाइट का समय अयाेध्या पहुंचेगी
मुंबई स्पाइसजेट सुबह 8:20 बजे सुबह 10:40 बजे 2 फरवरी से हफ्ते में 6 दिन
बेंगलुरू स्पाइसजेट सुबह 10:50 बजे दोपहर 1:30 बजे 2 फरवरी से हफ्ते में 4 दिन
अहमदाबाद स्पाइसजेट सुबह 6:00 बजे सुबह 8:00 बजे 1 फरवरी से
दिल्ली स्पाइसजेट सुबह 8:40 बजे सुबह 10:00 बजे 1 फरवरी से
दरभंगा स्पाइसजेट सुबह 11:20 बजे दोप. 12:30 बजे 1 फरवरी से
जयपुर स्पाइसजेट सुबह 7:30 बजे सुबह 9:15 बजे 1 फरवरी से
पटना स्पाइसजेट दोपहर 2:25 बजे दोपहर 3:25 बजे 1 फरवरी से
पुणे आकासा सुबह 8:50 बजे दोपहर 12:55 बजे 15 फरवरी से वाया दिल्ली
ग्वालियर एअर इंडिया एक्स. सुबह 8:15 बजे सुबह 11:20 बजे 16 जनवरी से वाया दिल्ल

बड शहरों से अयोधया पहुंचने वाली कुछ प्रमुख ट्नें और उनका समय-
Major trains to Ayodhya from various cities and their timings

दिल्ली वंदे भारत एक्स. 6:10 सुबह 2:30 दोपहर सोम, मंगल, गुरु,शुक्र, शनि, रवि
दिल्ली अयोध्या एक्स. 6:20 शाम 7:15 सुबह रोजाना
दिल्ली कै फियत एक्स. 8:25 शाम 6:56 सुबह रोजाना
अमृतसर सरयू यमुना एक्स. 1:05 दोपहर 8:51 सुबह सोम, बुध, शनि
अदमदाबाद साबरमती एक्स. 11:10 रात 4:22 सुबह सोम, मंगल,गुरु, शनि
जयपुर मरुधर एक्स. 1:40 दोपहर 4:43 सुबह सोम, गुरु, शनि
भाेपाल YPR GKP एक्स. 3:35 रात 4:24 दोपहर शनि
इंदौर INDB PNBE एक्स 1:55 दोपहर 7.45 सुबह शनि
मुंबई साके त एक्स. 6.00 सुबह 8.00 सुबह बुध, शनि
कोलकाता KOAA JAT एक्स 11.45 दोपहर 6.21 सुबह रोजाना
बेंगलुरु YPR GKP एक्स 11.40 रात 4.24 दोपहर बुध

अयोध्या के लिए बड शहरों से सड़क मार्ग से कनेक्टिविटी इस प्रकार ह:
Connectivity and distance by road from various cities to Ayodhya

शहर दरी किमी यात्रा में लगने में वाला समय
दिल्ली 688KM 11 घंटे
मुंबई 1600KM 38 घंटे
जयपुर 710KM 13 घंटे
अहमदाबाद 1350KM 34 घंटे
इंदौर 930KM 19 घंटे
भोपाल 781KM 13 घंटे
चण्डीगढ़ 914KM 15 घंटे
रायपुर 782KM 19 घंटे
रांची 667KM 20 घंटे
पटना 417KM 11 घंटे

Places to stay within 5 Kms of Ayodhya
Hotels and their prices in Ayodhya

स्थान कितनेरूम किराया (रु.) मंदिर से दरीू फोन नंबर

जैन धर्मशाला 50 Rooms 500 से 2000 1.5 किमी 6260363801
राम वैदेही मंदिर धर्मशाला 200Rooms 1000 से 3000 2 किमी 7570088000
कनक महल 50 Rooms 1000 से 3000 2 किमी 9682958388
राम होटल 50 Rooms 1000 से 3000 1 किमी 9415140674
रामप्रस्थ होटल 40 Rooms 1000 से 3000 2 किमी 8115000098
रमीला कुटीर 25 Rooms 5,000 रुपए 2 किमी
रामायणम होटल 40 Rooms 20,000 तक 3 किमी

Panchsheel Hotel, Shaan-e-Awadh Hotel, Krishna Hotel, Tara Ji Resort Etcetera. The fare of all these hotels ranges from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000. All these are 5 to 7 kilometers away from Ram temple.

Major tourist attractions
Hanumangarhi – 500 meters distance from Ram temple
Chhoti Devkali- 1 km from Ram Mandir
Kanak Bhawan- 1 km from Ram Mandir
Sita Rasoi – 1 km from Ram Mandir
Saryu Beach- 2 km from Ram Mandir
Maniram Das Cantonment- 1 km away from Ram Temple
Ramlala Sadan- 1 km from Ram Temple
Dashrath Mahal – 700 m away from Ram Temple Importance
Rang Mahal- 1 km away from Ram Temple

4 pilgrimages near Ayodhya
Bharat Kund

How to reach Ayodhya Ram Mandir in 2024?
Major festivals of the year in Ayodhya
There is a special festive atmosphere in Ayodhya on both Ram Navami and Diwali.
A large number of devotees come here during Chaitra, Kartik and Sawan.

The Sawan Jhula Fair (July-August) is worth seeing here. Kartik fair is held here in October-November with 14 Kosi parikrama.
There is a festive atmosphere here every month during the Saryu Snan on the full moon day.

hope this helps in understanding How to reach Ayodhya Ram Mandir in 2024?
written by Pulse Business & Rajdeep Chauhan

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