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21 Tools To Nurture B2B Leads Using E-mail Campaigning and Automation

21 Tools To Nurture B2B Leads Using E-mail Campaigning and Automation

21 Tools To Nurture B2B Leads Using E-mail Campaigning and Automation

Email remains “king” in the B2B marketing industry, with a 4,300% return on investment in the United States. Being able to create a successful email marketing campaign is critical for communicating effectively with clients and prospects.


But when it comes to creating the best email marketing campaigns, it’s the customer experience that needs to be at the heart of the process. From your design to the content you include, aim to offer your buyers something that goes beyond a sale or a product offer to further differentiate your brand.

This article gives you a list of 21 tools that you can refer to and use to start your e-mail campaigns which includes
1. Building database
2. Creating Campaigns
3. Automation

Cold Email Tools Hunter lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business. It has its own verifier and extractor. – is an outreach automation platform for marketers and sales. Offering a variety of tools for lead generation, email verification, email sending, and email tracking. Very similar to Hunter but also provides better automation.

Mailshake – Mailshake is a sales engagement and automation software that can be used for cold outreach and generate leads.

Woodpecker – Woodpecker is a follow-up automation tool that helps B2B companies with cold email outreach and inbound lead nurturing. It integrates with Gmail and Outlook.

Lusha – Lusha is a powerful Chrome extension that allows you to find contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers through social network profiles.

Klenty – Klenty is a sales engagement platform that can help sales teams automate the entire process of reaching out to prospects by sending personalized emails and automated follow-ups at scale.

Gmass – GMass is a powerful cold email software that lets you run sales and marketing campaigns right from your Gmail account. After all, Its powerful mail merge capabilities have made it a popular cold email outreach tool used by employees of Uber, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Smartreach – is an Email Outreach Software used by teams across sales, recruitment, inside sales, PR, and others to automate their emails and follow-ups integrates natively with CRMs like Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho. – Within Sales, it is very important to be able to keep track of who read emails vs who didn’t in order to prioritize your day. For Instance, using Mailtrack, you can see which emails to prioritize.

Lemlist – Lemlist is a popular email tool that lets you personalize anything in your cold emails. Be it text, videos, or images — all in all, Lemlist can handle it all. It also lets you create an email campaign with any customized cold email template.

Yesware – Yesware is a sales productivity platform used to send cold emails and follow-up effectively. In order to speed up, it lets you create and send personalized cold email marketing campaigns in Gmail and Outlook.

Gmelius – Gmelius is a sales automation and cold email outreach tool that works with Gmail. As a matter of fact, It helps streamline your sales processes with its lead generation and email campaign features.

Streak – Streak is a simple CRM software that integrates with Gmail. It helps you manage your sales funnel, send mail merges, and track cold calling and engagements. – is a sales engagement platform that helps salespeople to send personalized cold emails.

PersistIQ – PersistIQ is an email automation software that helps salespeople to launch personalized email campaigns for lead generation.

Quickmail – Quickmail is a sales engagement platform used for sending personalized cold emails at scale. – helps you personalize email campaigns, track and automate email followups, schedule appointments, sync with your CRM, and collaborate with your team.  

Crystal – It is an online personality app that provides personality assessments, predictions, and coaching tools. By analyzing public data and text, Crystal can generate personality reports for your contacts and anyone in our database. All things considered, Learn how to adapt your communication style to different personalities, and take the guesswork out of cold calling, networking, and meetings with new clients or customers.

Neverbounce – NeverBounce ensures companies reach their customers by dramatically increasing the delivery of their emails to the inbox. By checking if email validity against a database of 6 Billion emails and removing outdated email addresses, by comparison NeverBounce improves deliverability.

Mixmax – Mixmax is a cold emailing tool that can be used to automate outbound campaigns using emails and follow-ups. Above all, Mixmax makes it easy to schedule emails, create sequences, schedule appointments with your email recipients, and embed graphics like presentations, PDFs, and links within the email. Not able to create your lead database? Do you want to reach your ideal client? Wondering where to start? We have you covered visit us at Pulse Business

Hope you would have liked the article on 21 Tools To Nurture B2B Leads Using E-mail Campaigning & Automation and taken value. Keep supporting us and connect with us at Rajdeep Chauhan.

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